Where to report irregularities related to your trip:

Dear Passengers,
• You may submit a complaint to Hebros Bus LTD within 3 months from the date of regular transport.
• Within 1 month after receiving your complaint, Hebros Bus LTD shall inform you if it is grounded, rejected or still pending.
• The term for presentation of a final reply is no more than 3 months after receiving the complaint.

If you believe your passenger rights have been violated,
Please submit a complaint in the relevant order to HEBROS BUS LTD with address:
Plovdiv, 1 Macedonia Blvd., Rodopi bus station, fl. 2,
fax: 032/ 657812 or e-mail: office@hebrosbus.com


The national body responsible for the application of statutory requirements
on the rights of passengers in bus transport for the Republic of Bulgaria is
Executive Agency Road Administration,
address: Sofia – 1000, 5 Gen. Gurko St.,
e-mail: avto_а@rta.government.bg, tel: 0700 14 990