Urban lines

General conditions for passengers using urban bus lines serviced by Hebros Bus LTD


І. Your rights:
1. To travel to any bus stop of the relevant bus line route.
2. To be kindly serviced by a driver (and conductor) wearing company uniform and distinctive signs.
3. To receive information on the route and bus stops from the conductor during travel;
4. To request in the winter period (from 30 September to 1 May) saloon temperatures to 18оС with no more than 25оС temperature difference with outside temperature.
5. To have adequate air ventilation of passenger saloon in the bus in the summer season.
6. To listen to quiet music on the national radio from the sound system of the bus
7. Children up to 7 years of age travel free of charge with a transport document – card for free travel in urban transport.
8. To travel with preferential card without being charged in the bus if you are a schoolchild, full-time student, pensioner or a person entitled to preferences pursuant to Order of the Mayor of Plovdiv municipality as well as with card for the full city network purchased from the offices issuing preferential cards.
9. Companions of a disabled person may travel with the subscription card of the disabled when accompanying him/her. As an exception, only one of maximum two companions may travel with the subscription card without the disabled person; the companion’s personal details (full name, Personal ID No. and photo) must be put on the back of the card.
10. To purchase subscription card for a specific line from ticket offices at bus stations of HEBROS BUS LTD. Claims for cards shall only be accepted at the moment of issue. Duplicates of lost/ stolen subscription cards shall not be issued.
The term of subscription cards is fixed and may not be extended if they are temporarily unused.
11. To carry with you:
11.1. up to 2 hand luggage units free, including music instruments with size not exceeding 60х40х40cm. Passenger luggage must not pose a risk to other passengers, prevent visibility of vehicle driver or threaten the security and safety of traffic.
11.2. luggage with size larger than the ones specified in cl. 1, but no more than 100/100/100 cm and weight to 50 kg, shall be individually charged for each additional luggage unit, with one-way paper ticket. Luggage with size above the admissible ones shall not be allowed in the bus and travelers must get down back to the bus stop or the next bus stop along the route if the bus has already started.
11.3. free stroller with child or wheelchair of disabled person. Strollers without children or without disabled persons shall be charged with one-way tickets.
11.4. pets placed in a suitable box or cage with size to the ones permitted for hand luggage transport provided that they do not pose a risk for trauma, damage and respectively – if they do not pose a risk for other passengers and if they are not placed on vehicle seats. Transport is free for police dogs, guide dogs of blind people and dogs trained as guide dogs of blind people as well as their trainers after presentation of the dog’s veterinary medical passport and a card certifying its status.
11.5. free ski, skateboard, snowboard, sled or children’s bicycle with length to 1.20 m, provided that such do not cause inconvenience to other passengers and bus construction allows their entry.
Passengers are responsible for the transported by them luggage, pets or sports equipment as well as for the hygiene during their transport.
12. In case of bus damage along the route line making travel impossible charged passengers may travel with the same tickets at the next scheduled bus of HEBROS BUS LTD servicing the line.
13. To submit a complaint to Hebros Bus LTD within 3 months from the date of regular transport or from the date when regular transport had to be performed. Within 1 month after receiving your complaint HEBROS BUS LTD shall inform you if it is grounded, rejected or pending. The term for provision of final reply is no more than 3 months after receiving the complaint.

ІІ. Your responsibilities:
1. To be present at the relevant bus stop at least 5 minutes before the time of bus departure.
2. To board and leave the bus when it is fully stopped at the bus stop.
3. The ticket purchased by you shall be valid till the final stop along the route; to continue your travel back you will be charged again. When boarding the bus you must be immediately charged and receive a ticket or show the conductor your subscription card or preferential travel card.
If preferential travel cards or subscription cards contain corrections, crossings out or deletions and if their packaging is damaged they become invalid.
4. To use only tickets purchased from the conductor of the bus where you travel except for the cases stated in cl. І.12.
5. To refrain from bothering other passengers.
6. To keep bus order and cleanness.
7. You must not stay at bus steps and prevent doors from closing.
8. You must not talk to drivers during travel and distract them.
9. You must not give your travel document (ticket, subscription or preferential card) to other persons.
10. You must not put luggage on bus seats.
12. You must not bring in drinks, snacks, ice creams and other food that could reduce bus hygiene.
13. You must never smoke, including electronic cigarettes, consume food and alcohol in the bus. Persons who are visibly drunk shall not be allowed in the bus.
14. You must not play music instruments, use loudspeakers, listen to loud music or bother in any way other passengers, including with mobile phone calls or loud conversations between passengers.
15. It is not allowed to transport the following:
15.1. persons who are considered dangerous to other passengers’ health and security;
15.2. persons without proper hygiene and/or with visible communicable diseases;
15.3. subjects that could damage the vehicle or make it dirty;
15.4.inflammable, explosive, poisonous substances and other objects posing a danger to passengers and driver;
15.5. items whose transport is illegal;
15.6. items which, due to their size and type, can cause inconvenience to other passengers;
15.7. live animals and birds except for police dogs, guide dogs for blind people, dogs trained for guides dogs of blind people and pets pursuant to art. 11, cl. 4.

ІІІ. Rights and obligations of HEBROS BUS LTD to you:
1. The control over the issue, timely provision of passengers with tickets and use of subscription cards and preferential travel cards is exercised by the Division of internal company control of HEBROS BUS LTD.
2. Passengers not charged till the bus stop following the stop of boarding shall be considered ILLEGAL. In case of passenger without or with FAKE transport document, employees of HEBROS BUS LTD internal company control may request such passenger to pay property compensation of 10 BGN, pursuant to the provisions of art. 101 of the Road Transport Act and terminate the transport contract. In case of passenger refusal to pay the illegal passenger charge ticket the former shall be forced to leave the bus.
3. HEBROS BUS LTD shall ensure that the vehicle is marked pursuant to the requirements of art. 41, par.1 of Regulation 2 of 15 Mar. 2002 of the Ministry of Transport on the conditions and order for approval of transport schemes and performance of public transport of passengers by bus;
4. HEBROS BUS LTD shall be responsible for the life and each physical or mental damage to passengers due to traffic accidents while passengers stay in the transport vehicle, board it or leave it.
5. HEBROS BUS LTD shall be relieved of liability if the damage under cl. 5 is caused by circumstances beyond the control of HEBROS BUS LTD irrespective of all measures undertaken as the case may be, which circumstances could not be avoided and the consequences of which could not be prevented (force majeure).
6. HEBROS BUS LTD shall not be relieved of liability for the damages resulting from physical or mental defects of the driver or third parties performing transport tasks, defects or the condition and functioning of the vehicle.
7. HEBROS BUS LTD shall be fully or partially relieved of liability for damages caused through passengers’ fault or due to passenger behaviour beyond the normal behaviour of passengers.

Dear passengers, if you believe your passenger rights have been violated,
Please submit a complaint in the relevant order to HEBROS BUS LTD, with address:
Plovdiv, 1 Macedonia Blvd., Rodopi bus station, fl. 2,
tel: 032/ 657811, extension 3, fax: 032/ 657812 or e-mail: office@hebrosbus.com

The national body responsible for the application of statutory requirements
on the rights of passengers in bus transport for the Republic of Bulgaria is
Executive Agency Road Administration,
address: Sofia – 1000, 5 Gen. Gurko St.,
e-mail: avto_а@rta.government.bg, tel: 0700 14 990

September, 2016