Bus station Yug


Built: in 1958

Renovated: 2002 - 2005

Total area: 4680 sq. M

Construction: massive

Departure platform: 11 pcs

Arrive platform: 3 pcs



Bus station Yug (South) is located close to the Central Railway Station of Plovdiv and provides the fast connection of the passengers with the arriving and departing trains and buses. It is a two-storey massive building with an area of 511 sq.m., which is the real part of the Bus station and its one-storey massive building with built-up area of 166 sq.m.


It consists of a passenger and ticket zone and waiting room with a wardrobe, offices hired by carriers, an administrative entrance, nearby cafes and fast food pavilions. The second floor is entirely with office premises and a café with a panoramic terrace.


The Bus station has a parking lot for 40 buses and 10 parking spaces for business cars. Next to the parking lot there is a petrol station, which is the fueling of the buses. It has an information ticket center, which serves the international destinations, whose rBuilt: in 1958