Bus station Sever
Built: in 1970
Renovated: in 2003 - 2004
Total area: 15994 sq. M
Built-up area: 2860 sq. M
Construction: massive
Departure platform:10 pcs

Arrive platform: 3 pcs


                           BUS STATION PLAN



Bus station is located near Railway station Filipovo. There is a separate garage area for own buses, with the possibility of about 60 parking spaces.

The building is one-storey, which includes an entrance for administrative staff, a ticket zone, a wardrobe, a waiting room. At present, the building is being reconstructed in its part for retail space.

It has a car wash for buses and a petrol station for refueling. From here, buses run to 40 directions to settlements located to the north of Plovdiv.