Bus station Rodopi

Built: in 2004 - 2005

Open: on 01.03.2006г.


Investment: over 3 million leva

Construction: Mixed

Total built-up area: 2988 sq. m

Built-up area: 1100 sq. m

Closed platforms: 1180 sq. m

Departure platform: 11 pcs

Arrive platform: 3 pcs



38 directions to administrative centers and high mountain settlements are served from the Bus station "Rodopi". The Bus station is in close proximity to the Central Railway Station and Hypermarkets BILLA-2 and Mr. Bricolage. The building is located in the northwestern part of the terrain. From the north and west there is a fire path with a width of 3.30 m. There is a connection with the railway subway and the railway complex.

On the underground level (elevation - 3,30) there are several types of upper level elevations (elevation + 0,00) - staircase, elevator, direct access ladder with ticket zone and waiting room, open external ladder, direct to the platforms. On the underground level are built sanitary units, shops for industrial goods, bookstore, snack bar for fast food and two cafes

At elevation level + 0,00 there is a separate entrance, a ticket zone for information and ticket sales, a waiting room for passengers, a room for mothers with children, a bathroom, luggage, a cafe, a fast food snack bar and a PEP.

On the second level are the offices of the administrative and management staff of Hebros Bus Ltd and the bus station management. There is a direct connection with the dispatchers at elevation + 0,00 in the southwest corner of the building.

At the eastern end of the terrain there is a parking lot for buses with 20 seats. In front of the bus station there is a separate car park with the possibility of 35 parking spaces. In the southern part of the grounds there is a parking lot for the company's own buses for 40 bus stations.